Frequently asked questions

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When does my Emergency Light testing need doing?

Emergency light testing is required every six months under AS2293.2.

Why are led lights better?

LED lights greatly reduce the amount of electricity used, and they emit very low levels of heat compared to traditional halogen lights. They are also widely considered to be more aesthetic than traditional lighting fixtures. There are a lot of LED lights on the market these days, but we are very familiar with the options and what would be a great solution if you are considering upgrading your old lighting.

Do you conduct Electrical testing on my home for The Residential Tenancy Act?

Yes we do, under the Residential Tenancy Act an electrical audit is required every 2 years with smoke alarm testing complete each year.

How can I make my home more energy efficient?

Our energy efficiency electricians can audit your home, identifying where you could save money on bills by upgrading to more efficient LED lights and newer technology.

Does your service offer after hours?

When emergencies happen, it’s crucial to act quickly and repair any electrical faults at your home or business. Our residential and commercial electricians are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week for breakdown, faults and other emergencies.

How often does my equipment need electrical testing and tagging?

Electrical testing and tagging requirements can vary from monthly to quarterly, biannually, yearly, biennially or every five years. Emergency light testing is required every six months under AS2293.2.